Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, I am just sitting here in the ICU waiting room, waiting. Along with everyone else here to see there loved ones. The visiting hours are 8:15-9:00 in the evening. So of course I have to stay and see Tony one last time before I go home. He had surgery yesterday. What was supposed to be a 3.5 hr surgery ended up being almost 7 hours. I found out a little more about what they did in the surgery just a little bit ago. They were going to try to remove his adrenal gland laproscopically. They of course ran into a LOT of scar tissue and had to open up the previous incision from his nephrectomy 4 years ago. They did remove his left adrenal gland and a small mass that "used" to be cancer. The IL-2 killed that cancer. They also removed some areas of his intestines and apparently a little of his bowel that they thought looked suspicious and needed testing. Everything that they had tested during the surgery looked to be NONcancerous! THANK YOU JESUS. He was also having a hernia repaired, this hernia was from tissue tearing away from his previous surgical site. Well they actually had to repair several hernias. The poor lady that was having an ourpatient procedure after Tony's surgery with the same surgeon had to postpone hers for at least 4.5 hours. He was only supposed to be in ICU for a day..maybe 2. Now he will be in ICU until at least Monday. He still has an epidural providing SOME numbing medication and pain medication which is administered when he pushes his button on the pain pump. He also has a central line, which is sewn into his neck, I think that is to monitor the fluid levels around his heart/lungs? It really REALLY pains me to see the drain coming out of his incision and also the stomach tube, that is coming out of his nose. It just makes me weak. ALL the wires and He has more now than had 4 years ago. Last night his blood pressure kept falling, they couldn't get it consistent. Some of that is because now he does not have adrenal glands, and they are having some issues getting his hormones, steroids and fluid levels correct. His heart rate is very high today. They are a little concerned about why this is. Tony is now sleeping. They sat him in a chair today for an hour. He wanted back in bed more than anything...well he also wanted some water. They won't let him drink anything at all. They do allow me to use these spongy things to rub water on his lips. He just looks so pitiful right is breaking my heart. I cannot stand to see him like this again.
Thank God my sister and Ashley and Meghan were with me yesterday. Tonys daughters are staying with me until Sunday:)Then I'm sure my sister or daughter will be here with me when I need someone. This is a very very lonely sad experience. Thanks to everyone texting, calling and sending messages about praying for us! We are blessed to have some awesome people in our lives that have been praying continuously for our family. It's really awesome how many people are reaching out to us right now...Thank you so much. If my family wouldn't have been with me yesterday I think I would have fallen to pieces. I almost did.
Keep my awesome husband in your prayers and if you don't mind....keep me in them too.
"Courage is endurance....for one moment more"
Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD...Amen

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