Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surgeon visit

I am sitting here thanking God for Tony and everything that we have together. Im off of work this weekend and taking care of him. He has a bad cold and just sounds terrible. I slept late usual because I stay up until about 4am, I got up and a pack of bacon was on the I smiled. I assumed Tony wanted me to make breakfast :) I made him some scrambled eggs with onions and cheese, bacon and biscuits. I LOVE to cook and I love to cook for him. He thanked me and laid back on the couch...he doesn't normally just lay around to often. He has some great cough medicine the Doc prescribed and I'm making sure he is drinking enough fluids. Poor guy!
We went and saw the surgeon this week that will remove his adrenal gland. It is the same surgeon that performed his radical Nephrectomy 4 years ago..we like him a lot. Tony's surgery will be the end of Feb or early March. He also has a pretty bad hernia at his last incision site that will also need to be repaired. I was thinking this surgery/recovery was not going to be too bad but the Doc says Tony will be in the hospital for at least a week. I cried. I'm tired. Tony's tired. BUT we will be just fine..we always are and we always will be:) Me and Tony stick together and help each other with everything...everything is better with each other! I thank God for him everyday and I know he thanks God for me.
My Aunt Martha past away since my last blog so please keep everyone in your prayers!
Hearing that news was hard for both of Aunt Martha and Tony just had this special kind of bond....he has tears as the service right along with me. Cancer sucks! I will be working on our story for the Kidney Cancer Warriors page, to get the word out about HD IL-2 and to show that someone can indeed have some awesome benefits from this crazy hell of a poison that I hope and pray saved my husbands life. A lot of people are so afraid of the side effects that they will not even try it. 10% cure rate and 25% chance that it will shrink the tumor is NOT a great chance...BUT it IS the ONLY cure. So we thought...hell..what do we have to lose. So I am going to try to save some lives and get Tony's story out...goodnight all:)

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